Daydream : A New Play by Max Arnaud

Canadian Fringe Tour 2010

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Crandall an out of work, thirty-something, blocked writer---   is desperate for validation and living with his mother.  A video game system becomes the obsessive focus of his new project.  His mother counterstrikes- calling for professional help.  As the conflict escalates, Crandall must either stand up for himself or be extinguished.  Daydream explores how personal expression can be a fight for existence, how the creative process eludes the creator, and how we unwittingly become our own worst nightmare.

Daydream is a terrific production highlighted by pitch-perfect performances and a taut script. The script keenly observes human nature...  It's an absorbing and thought-provoking drama whose third act will have you squirming in your seat.   
>  Dean Jenkinson,  CBC, Manitoba, Winnipeg.

The actors, Max Arnaud and Pamela Paul, are clear pros.  The two successfully portray the love, tension and resentment necessary to making the scenario authentic... All along, you know something has to give, and when it does, watch out.
> Heather Persson, The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon.

If you go into Daydream blind, the play will double-cross you... By the end you realize that someone swapped it for a psychological thriller while you were distracted.  This remarkably smooth transition, thanks to top-notch writing and great acting, make sitting through the play a pleasurable, surprising experience.
> Lewis Kelly, Vue Weekly, Edmonton.

Daydream, by Max Arnaud.  (Directed by Eva Burgess, featuring Max Arnaud and Pamela Paul) Running time, 70 minutes.  
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